A preservation fund for an Annapolis Valley Ecological Gem

Established in 2010

About the fund

The Wolfville Watershed Nature Preserve is protected land located within the Gaspereau River Watershed. It has spectacular views of the Gaspereau Valley, the Minas Basin, and Cape Blomidon. Old-growth forests like those found in the Nature Preserve are now exceptionally rare in Nova Scotia. Less than 1% of Nova Scotian forests are considered old-growth. Most of these old forests have been logged or converted to agricultural use. Protecting old-growth forests such as this one also provides opportunities for educational and ecological research of the natural environment.

The Wolfville Watershed Nature Preserve is the result of a unique partnership between the Nova Scotia Nature Trust and the Town of Wolfville. The property is under a “conservation easement”, which restricts development on the site and ensures all activities are in keeping with the preservation of the site’s natural values. The Nature Trust has the legal ability to enforce the conservation restrictions and ensure the permanent protection of the Nature Preserve.

The partnership between the Town of Wolfville and the Nature Trust is the first partnership of its kind in Canada! As such, it sets an exciting precedent for government and community partnerships in land conservation.


To save and protect six hundred acres of old-growth forests, undisturbed wetlands, and unique flora and fauna in the Annapolis Valley.


For more information or to donate to this fund please visit Nova Scotia Nature Trust.