About CFNS

The Community Foundation of Nova Scotia is an action centre for philanthropy. We provide the knowledge and support for communities, charities, and citizens to realize their individual potential and collective possibilities.

Our mission is to build strong, vibrant, and diverse communities throughout Nova Scotia by enabling and inspiring effective philanthropy.  We do this through the development of community funds, charitable endowments, scholarships and donor-directed funds, our Vital Signs program, and many other local initiatives. The three pillars of our work are:

  • Gather: We bring people and communities together. We work with private donors, business leaders, communities, and charities to build the financial and support capital that our communities need.
  • Give: We support more than 90 funds that, together, have granted over two million dollars to people, projects, and progress in communities across the province.
  • Grow: We help build the financial assets that make things possible. Our endowment funds provide a permanent and reliable source of funding for your initiatives. We build capacity and support growth.

We are part of the Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) network of 191 different foundations across the country who are all working to make an impact in their communities. For more information on the movement and the impact community foundations are having across Canada, visit the CFC website here.

What Community Foundations Can do

To find out more about what a community foundation does, we invite you to watch this short video.