Protecting Nova Scotia’s outstanding natural legacy through land conservation

About the fund

In Nova Scotia, over 70% of the land is in private ownership, including 85% of the coastline. This is the highest rate of private ownership in the country.

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust was founded in 1994 to protect and conserve our province’s incredible natural legacy. We work with landowners to save outstanding natural areas through land conservation. We use a strategic, science-driven approach to identify and protect the most threatened, unique, and significant natural areas.

These areas range from coastal barrens and saltwater marshes to rocky shores and expansive sand dunes, from hardwood forests and rugged highlands to rich and fertile river valleys. We focus on:           

But protecting the land is only the first step! Once a property is protected, we commit to stewarding and caring for this land, forever. With the help of our trained volunteer Property Guardians, we monitor boundaries, clean up garbage, review the status of listed species, care for existing trails, and sometimes add new trails, install signage, etc.

Outreach is also a vital part of the Nature Trust’s mission to protect Nova Scotia’s natural legacy. We achieve this through grassroots engagement and education for landowners and conservation-minded Nova Scotians. Our outreach efforts provide opportunities to understand the natural environment and the critical importance of conserving natural areas.

For more information or to donate to this fund please visit Nova Scotia Nature Trust. 


  • To steward and care for these Conservation Lands, forever
  • To raise awareness and support for land conservation, and to educate landowners and the general public about the importance of protecting these special places
  • To protect Nova Scotia’s rare, outstanding and unique natural areas and critical ecosystems, for nature and for people too