Glace Bay Community Fund

Promoting and advancing economic, cultural and social growth in the community of Glace Bay

Established in 2017

Glace Bay Community Fund


  1. To support charitable activities in Glace Bay and surrounding areas which contribute to the quality of life shared by all who live there
  2. To leverage and connect local assets, resources, heritage and social capital to diversify Glace Bay’s economic development, promote its value proposition, and attract people to live, work, play and invest in the community
  3. To strengthen the community’s voice and create opportunities to collaborate on big and small ideas that inspire positive, collective action

About our fund

#BayItForward is Glace Bay’s community development organization. The focus of this organization is to build partnerships to promote and advance economic, cultural, and social growth in the community of Glace Bay. #BayItForward was formed on the initiative of a group of community members, ex-pats, and business owners who share a common interest in shaping a positive future for Glace Bay.

How the fund works

Working together:
Community Foundation and Community Fund

The fund is administered by a committee of dedicated community members who:  

  • Spread the word about the fund, and its long-term potential to help develop the area.
  • Actively engage with others to understand the needs and opportunities of our area.
  • Review requests and allocate grants from the fund to local community organizations.

How you can help

If you would like to donate to this fund, donations of up to $500 can be made through the CanadaHelps donation form below.

For donations over $500, please contact the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia at