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We Rise Again Fund

We Rise Again Fundā€‹


Established: 2020



The tragic events of April 18th and 19th, 2020, in Nova Scotia have left a deep mark on the hearts of the people in our province, and Canadians collectively.  For families who lost loved ones, friends, and coworkers who lost valued companions and for the communities that lost residents, these are days that will forever be marked by grief.


Our province has rallied to support all those who experienced loss on those terrible days and will continue to do so as only Nova Scotians can.  We are inspired and lifted by the beautiful and moving tributes that have been shared at sites around the community and even virtually, as the way we grieve has been altered by our current state of emergency due to the COVID 19 pandemic.  There have been many fundraising efforts put in place to support the victimsā€™ families and the community during this time of great need.


A tribute to the victims and survivors 

About the Fund


The We Rise Again Fund was established by the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Truro, The United Way, Ulnooweb Indigenous Communities Foundation, and the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia.

With the generous support of Green Shield Canada, the Toronto Community Foundation, and the Edmonton Community Foundation, and other donors, the We Rise Again Fund will enable a "Community Build Up" that will see the existing 150-year-old Portapique Community Hall transformed into a space that will enable the community to come together in a positive way.

The goal of this fund is to raise $500,000 in cash and in-kind donations by March 31, 2021.


Below is an overview of the plan for the hall and surrounding area, which has been completely community-driven.



Portapique Community Build Up Plan



After response begins recovery, and after recovery begins rebuilding.  We know that despite the unfathomable tragedy, We Will Rise Again, together. 


Fear does not have a monopoly here.  And when we grieve, we do not grieve alone.


As one province, as one community, we will reclaim from fear and grief the spirit that is ours -

one of friendship, kindness, caring, and bravery and will fill our space with love, hope, and resilience.


This is OUR Nova Scotia.




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