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Community Foundation of Nova Scotia Announces New CEO

Submitted by cfnseditor on Thu, 06/25/2020 - 22:12

Community Foundation of Nova Scotia (CFNS) announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Holland, on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, at their Virtual Annual General Meeting.


A native Nova Scotian, Mr. Holland brings a real passion and vision for effective philanthropy, social enterprise, and enabling community support across the province. With leadership experience in navigating growth in the private, public and nonprofit sector, and diverse educational background, the Board of Directors felt he was the ideal person to lead the CFNS team and the implementation of its evolving strategy.


“The nature of philanthropy has changed since CFNS was founded a decade ago,” said Robert Orr, Chair of the Board of the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia. “We find ourselves in a new world of philanthropic activity, expectations and focus. The CFNS Board and leadership have spent the last year preparing to scale up our activities, which will be a big task, and we feel that the qualities and experience that Daniel Holland possesses, makes him the best person to take the organization to the next level.”

With the many projects underway at CFNS, not the least of which include the recent disbursement of the $1.12 million in Emergency Community Support Funding and the Nova Scotia Nonprofit COVID-19 Coalition; combined with, the need for frequent, effective and confident communication with all of our fundholders and stakeholders during this challenging time, CFNS has the potential to play a significant role in emerging models for locally-based social change.

“Through the various funds and programs at CFNS, it will be part of my job to help Nova Scotians understand how Community Foundations work and their distinct advantages,” said Holland. “I am only just beginning to be able to describe the vision I have for the next chapter at CFNS. Over the past few months, in particular, CFNS has shown such an ability to listen and bring partners together, and I am personally inspired by the potential opportunity to collaborate and innovatively develop solutions that are grounded in what our communities know are their needs to be sustainable and vibrant in the future.”

CFNS is also pleased to announce that Stephanie Clark, who has served as Interim CEO for the past 15 months, has been appointed to the Board of Directors, and will also act as Special Liaison for Community Impact and Innovation.

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