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Community Foundation of Nova Scotia Announces New CEO

Submitted by cfnseditor on Thu, 06/25/2020 - 22:12

Community Foundation of Nova Scotia (CFNS) announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Holland, on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, at their Virtual Annual General Meeting.


A native Nova Scotian, Mr. Holland brings a real passion and vision for effective philanthropy, social enterprise, and enabling community support across the province. With leadership experience in navigating growth in the private, public and nonprofit sector, and diverse educational background, the Board of Directors felt he was the ideal person to lead the CFNS team and the implementation of its evolving strategy.


“The nature of philanthropy has changed since CFNS was founded a decade ago,” said Robert Orr, Chair of the Board of the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia. “We find ourselves in a new world of philanthropic activity, expectations and focus. The CFNS Board and leadership have spent the last year preparing to scale up our activities, which will be a big task, and we feel that the qualities and experience that Daniel Holland possesses, makes him the best person to take the organization to the next level.”

With the many projects underway at CFNS, not the least of which include the recent disbursement of the $1.12 million in Emergency Community Support Funding and the Nova Scotia Nonprofit COVID-19 Coalition; combined with, the need for frequent, effective and confident communication with all of our fundholders and stakeholders during this challenging time, CFNS has the potential to play a significant role in emerging models for locally-based social change.

“Through the various funds and programs at CFNS, it will be part of my job to help Nova Scotians understand how Community Foundations work and their distinct advantages,” said Holland. “I am only just beginning to be able to describe the vision I have for the next chapter at CFNS. Over the past few months, in particular, CFNS has shown such an ability to listen and bring partners together, and I am personally inspired by the potential opportunity to collaborate and innovatively develop solutions that are grounded in what our communities know are their needs to be sustainable and vibrant in the future.”

CFNS is also pleased to announce that Stephanie Clark, who has served as Interim CEO for the past 15 months, has been appointed to the Board of Directors, and will also act as Special Liaison for Community Impact and Innovation.

We Rise Again Fund Created in Support of NS Communities Impacted by Shooting Tragedy

Submitted by cfnseditor on Thu, 05/07/2020 - 10:51

We Rise Again Fund Launched

HALIFAX, NS – As a direct result of the tragic events of April 18 and 19, 2020 in Nova Scotia, the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia (CFNS) is proud to announce the creation of the We Rise Again Fund.

In collaboration with the United Way, Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation, and the Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia, and through the generous support of Green Shield Canada (GSC) and other donors, the We Rise Again Fund has been created to address the longer-term vision of legacy for the victims of this tragedy.

Working directly with the community, the families, local and elected officials and donors to establish ongoing support services and identify ways to make a fitting tribute to those lives lost, this fund will be a tribute to ongoing love and caring for the people who have been profoundly impacted by the horrendous events that transpired over these two days.


“Our province has rallied to support all those who experienced loss on those terrible days and will continue to do so as only Nova Scotians can,” said Stephanie Clark, Interim CEO of CFNS. “We are inspired and lifted by the beautiful and moving tributes and the many fundraising efforts that have already been put in place to support the victims’ families and the community during this time of great need. It is the intention that this fund does not detract from any of these efforts, but that it will enable actions that can provide comfort and support for the community for many years to come.”


"All of us at GSC are thinking about those who lost loved ones in last month's tragic shootings. We are pleased to support the efforts of the CFNS and other partners to help the impacted communities heal and rebuild, with a focus on ensuring the necessary services are in place," said Zahid Salman, President & CEO, Green Shield Canada.

After response begins recovery, and after recovery begins healing and rebuilding. We know that despite the unfathomable tragedy, We Will Rise Again, together. 


For those interested in learning more about the fund and how to make a contribution, they can visit

CFNS Helps Deliver Phase 1 of Pilot Fund for Gender Equality

Submitted by cfnseditor on Thu, 02/13/2020 - 12:03

Pilot Fund for Gender Equality Collage

The Community Foundation of Nova Scotia (CFNS), Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) and the Equality Fund are shifting power to individuals and organizations advancing gender equality in Canada. CFNS has joined our colleagues across Canada on a learning journey about creating more equitable communities for girls, women and trans people with diverse lived experiences, and have funded four local projects through grants totaling $67,000.

Participating local organizations include: Adsum for Women and Children for their PeerWorks Project, Coverdale Courtwork Society for their LGBTQ Justice Project, Elizabeth Fry Society of Cape Breton for their Bail Verification, Supervision and Residency Program, and the YWCA Halifax fo their Hearing her: Trafficked and Exploited Girls Policy and Program Leaders.


About the need and urgency of advancing gender equality

  • As we move into 2020, communities across Canada and around the world are living a historic moment in the global fight for equality.
  • Women’s organizations and movements in Canada and around the world are on the frontlines of change—holding the line, demanding equality and driving transformation. It’s time we boldly invest in their brave work to build a more equal country and world together.
  • The work is necessary and the time is now. In Canada today, too many women, girls and trans Canadians still face barriers and discrimination of all kinds. Canada ranks #11 among all countries for women’s equality and well-being. If we are to pursue a future where everyone belongs, we need to do better.
  • To advance gender equality at the local and national level, we need to consider the broad array of inequalities that undermine it. We need to ensure our efforts address the intersections of inequalities and are guided by principles of gender equity, diversity, and inclusion.

About the collaboration between community foundations and the Equality Fund

  • CFC and the Equality Fund are developing a multi-year initiative to advance gender equality in Canada, with support from the Government of Canada.
  • This collaboration will involve locally-led funding opportunities, as well as activities related to capacity-building and gender-lens investing.
  • This collaboration has three broad areas for impact:
    • Peace – Supporting girls, women and trans* people as they build lives free from gender-based violence;
    • Power – Shifting economic, political, and social power, as well as power over one’s own body, towards increased equality between genders;
    • Planet – Strengthening participation, leadership, and climate justice for girls, women and trans* people as they build more sustainable futures.

About the Pilot Fund

  • The Pilot Fund for Gender Equality is a first learning opportunity, as community foundations and local organizations come together to explore ways to support leadership in the women’s movement and ways to advance gender equality in communities across Canada.
  • 26 community foundations from coast to coast to coast have participated in the Pilot Fund, providing $1.4M to 112 projects. Many of these community foundations and organizations have already engaged in gender equality work, while others are new to this space. Together, these leaders are helping CFC map the development of a longer-term program.
  • The learnings from the Pilot Fund will help guide the program development, including opportunities related to grantmaking, capacity building, and gender-lens investing.
  • CFC will provide more information about future opportunities for participation and engagement beyond the pilot later in 2020.

This project is supported by the Pilot Fund for Gender Equality, a collaboration between Community Foundations of Canada and the Equality Fund, with support from the Government of Canada.

Ce projet est soutenu par le Fonds pilote pour l’égalité des sexes, une collaboration entre Fondations communautaires du Canada et le Fonds Égalité, avec l’appui du gouvernement du Canada.



Investment Readiness Program Launches in Canada

Submitted by cfnseditor on Thu, 01/09/2020 - 11:45


For Immediate Release

Jan 8, 2020


Applications now open for up to $100,000 for local social purpose organizations to grow their positive impact in Nova Scotia through social enterprise


HALIFAX, NS - Community Foundation of Nova Scotia (CFNS) is offering eligible organizations that are working to do good in Nova Scotia the opportunity to access up to $100,000 in non-repayable capital through the Investment Readiness Program (IRP). This is part of a national initiative led by Community Foundations of Canada and funded by the Government of Canada to that will provide $18.5 million across Canada to seed and grow social enterprise.

The Investment Readiness Program is open to a diverse range of organizations and businesses including charities, non-profits, co-ops and for-profit social enterprises. The program can provide $10,000 to $100,000 in non-repayable capital to design, plan, measure, and scale social enterprises in order to get ready to accept investment.

“There are so many inspiring community leaders in both not-for-profit and for-profit organizations looking to make a difference in new and innovative ways,” says Stephanie Clark, Interim CEO of CFNS. “We are excited to be a part of this initiative and are looking forward to seeing the IRP help successful applicants grow their impact even more.”

The Investment Readiness Program will help social enterprises across Canada grow, and build their capacity to accept investment, and participate in Canada’s growing social finance market.

“Business isn’t just about the bottom line. It can be a source for good and a catalyst for social and environmental change in communities across Canada. We are honoured to support social enterprises across Canada in building a better world,” says Andrew Chunilall, CEO of Community Foundations of Canada, a national partner in the Investment Readiness Program.

Applications for the IRP, of which CFNS is a regional partner, should be submitted by February 10th through the program’s website CFNS will open additional application periods in 2020.


Click here for more information on the IRP.

Strait Region Launches 2019 Vital Signs Report

Submitted by cfnseditor on Wed, 05/22/2019 - 23:25

Strait Region 2019 Vital SIgns Report Cover

The Strait Region Vital Signs® report was developed to foster community awareness, engage readers in strengthening supportive conversations, and inspire actions that ensure all children, youth, and families can access the vital resources they need to not only survive but thrive in our communities.

View the full report here

Summer news from the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia

Life is an adventure image

We're all in!! Read our summer newsletter here.

RBC Future Launch Community Challenge

Submitted by cfnseditor on Sat, 04/21/2018 - 18:34

RBC Future Launch Community Challenge

RBC Future Challenge

Today’s problems need more than yesterday’s solutions. We need bold new thinking to help meet the challenges of the future. The RBC Future Launch Community Challenge is a call to action for youth, and an opportunity to bring young leaders to the decision-making table as we build strong and vibrant communities for the future. Community Foundation of Nova Scotia is pleased to host the RBC Future Launch Community Challenge, and to make up to $15,000 available to youth-led projects in Glace Bay, Lunenburg County and Yarmouth that will respond to one central question:

What is your boldest idea to respond to an urgent local need?

By applying for a grant and bringing a local project to life, youth will have opportunities to lead, learn new skills, gain experience, and build relationships in their local communities — all things that will help them prepare for the future of work.

This Community Challenge goes far beyond these communities, participating community foundations will make grants and learning opportunities available to youth-led initiatives in 150 communities from coast to coast to coast.

Thank you to all those who submitted applications. Successful applicants will be notified in early November 2019, so stay tuned!

The RBC Future Launch Community Challenge is made possible thanks to support from the RBC Foundation, and is part of RBC Future Launch, a commitment to empower Canadian youth for the jobs of tomorrow.

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