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Historic Saint Paul’s Preservation Fund

Supporting the preservation, promotion and interpretation of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church, National Historic Site, Halifax

Established: 2011

Saint Paul’s Church in its early years.


  • To ensure the perpetual maintenance of Halifax’s oldest building
  • To promote the City’s earliest history and original Garrison Church to visitors
  • To explain the Site’s role in 260 years of civic history through educational programs
  • To enhance public music opportunities in a unique acoustical space

About our Fund

Saint Paul’s is the oldest Protestant place of worship in Canada. Created by Royal Charter in 1749 and constructed in 1750, it has witnessed the history of Halifax. It has also supported the needs of many residents and visitors of all denominations.  Since the first service in September 1750, worship and community outreach have been continuously conducted by active congregations.

Today, Saint Paul’s parish community is strong and diverse and supports the ongoing operation and basic maintenance of the church. However, the growing challenges of preserving this National Historic Site while incorporating modern standards and technologies creates an ongoing need for financial support.

Saint Paul’s Church welcomes all to come and share our rich history and liturgical tradition. Amongst particular items of interest are a 1908 Cassavant pipe organ and artifacts from the Titanic.

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