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Healing the Bruises Fund

Healing the Bruises Fund

A counselling and support program for child witnesses of domestic abuse

Established: 2010

Healing the Bruises Fund


  • To provide therapeutic support for children to explore their feelings surrounding the violence they witnessed in an abusive home.
  • To assist mothers of abused children to be proactive healers in their child’s recovery.
  • To educate youth about violence and promote healthy home environments.

About our Fund…

The Healing the Bruises Fund allows Alice Housing, the largest second stage housing organization in Atlantic Canada to continue providing its program to assist children and their mothers affected by family violence.

The program is designed to offer modified play and art therapy, toddler check-ins, one-on-one counselling for school aged children, STRAIGHTtalk for tweens and teens, workshops for mothers, and on-going parental support. In addition, Counsellor Advocates in schools and other agencies are involved with families to make sure the right service is being provided to the right child at the right time. Healing the Bruises helps children understand the violence from their past does not have to be their legacy or the frame of their future.

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