Credit: Cape Chignecto Provincial Park/Nova Scotia Parks

The Cumberland Community Fund Society (CCFS) was established to create positive change in Cumberland County, both now and in the future.

As the fund grows, it will support local activities and services that are beneficial to our community, including poverty relief, education, religion, health care, arts and culture, sports and recreation, and more.

How you can help.

A gift that keeps on giving.

As a first step to raising funds, a “founding club” has been established. Anyone who donates $5,000, either in one sum or pledges over five years, is a founding member of CCFS. Anyone who donates or pledges $10,000 is a founding patron.

This will give us a start to build a permanent endowment fund that will grow and make an impact in Cumberland County, tomorrow and for generations to come.

A community fund is a perfect way to give back to our community. Run by local volunteers who know our area well, it brings together donors and charities to address our area’s needs and priorities.

Donations to our fund are pooled to maximize benefits and are invested for long-term capital growth. The power of an endowment is its continuity, ensuring lasting impact over time.

The benefits of donating

We offer generous and caring individuals and businesses the opportunity to make philanthropic gifts, either lifetime or through planned giving.

Benefits of donating include:

  1. You don’t have to decide on a particular cause or charity as CCFS will assess priorities and support activities that enrich the lives of Cumberland residents.
  2. Have confidence knowing your gift will keep on giving forever, going where it is needed most in improving the quality of life in Cumberland County.
  3. If the gift is large enough ($50,000 or more), you may choose to designate it to benefit a specific charity or region.
  4. As a member of our society, you can be as involved as you wish to be, from attending general meetings and electing directors to receiving all reports.
  5. There are many options to planned giving, be it by Will or a gift of life insurance, land/real estate, or direct designation of an RRSP, RRIF or TFSA.
  6. The fund and funding priorities are administered locally, but our partnering with the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia assures reliable, trustworthy and efficient stewardship of donated funds.


All donations go to the Cumberland Community Fund, with tax receipts issued by the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia. Cheques should be made payable to CFNS, with Cumberland Community Fund in the memo line, and can be mailed direct to the society (P.O. Box 279, Amherst, NS B4H 3Z2) or to CFNS at the address below.