Bridgetown Community Fund

Established in 2008

Your dream, your endowment, your legacy.

The Bridgetown Area Community Fund was established to provide for the continued growth and well-being of Bridgetown and surrounding areas.

About our fund

The Bridgetown Area Community Fund (BACF) appreciates the broad interests of Bridgetown and surrounding areas, including culture, education, heritage, tourism, recreation, volunteerism, and other cornerstones of our vibrant communities.

The core of the fund’s assets are comprised of donations, bequests, real estate, trusts, and other personal financial assets assigned and entrusted to the BACF.

BACF will be sensitive to environmental impact and focus on the sustainability of projects.

How the fund works

Working together:
Community Foundation and Community Fund

The fund is administered by local community members who know our area well. These members:

  1. Help to grow the fund and gather community resources to support the fund’s activities;
  2. Actively engage with others to understand the community’s needs and opportunities; and
  3. Grant from the fund to local organizations that make the Bridgetown area a great place to live.

How you can help

If you wish to donate to this fund, donations of up to $500 can be made through the CanadaHelps donation form below.

For donations over $500, please contact the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia at