There are many benefits to tax effective giving and, as an advisor, you are uniquely positioned to advise your clients on how to optimize their charitable giving to complement their financial goals. We invite you to explore the resources we, and our national partner, Community Foundations of Canada, have prepared.

Three Approaches to Giving – This document explains three different approaches to giving: 1) creating a Community Foundation Donor Advised Fund, 2) setting up a Commercial Donor Advised Fund, and 3) establishing a Private Foundation.

Professional Advisors eResource – This document was prepared by our national partner to help professional advisors find the tools and resources they need to talk about charitable giving with their clients.

Four Types of Gifts

Appreciated Securities

A gift of appreciated securities is one of the most tax effective ways to give. Eligible securities include publicly listed stocks, bonds, mutual fund units or exchange traded funds on approved stock exchanges in Canada and internationally. There is beneficial tax treatment of these gifts because they are exempt from capital gains tax.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities Fact Sheet


Including a charitable bequest in your Will is a simple way to make a lasting gift to your community. When you make this gift through a community foundation we establish a Fund that becomes your personal legacy of giving.

Gifts of Bequest Fact Sheet

Life Insurance

Gifting a life insurance policy to a community foundation is a perfect way to leave a potentially larger gift to charity than you may be able to make in your lifetime.

Gifts of Life Insurance Fact Sheet

Real Estate

Making a charitable gift of real estate to a community foundation can help you turn a valuable asset into community good. Charitable gifts of real estate range from personal residences, vacation homes, rental properties, farmland, ecologically sensitive and commercially developed land.

Gifts of Real Estate Fact Sheet