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Yarmouth Area Community Fund

A gift that keeps on giving to Yarmouth Town and County

Established: 2008

Yarmouth Area Community Fund


The Yarmouth Area Community Fund provides a way for all of us to contribute to the community we cherish and to help ensure that our needs are addressed both now and into the future. Earnings from the Fund are used to assist those in need in the local community.

How the fund works:

The fund is administered by local community members who know our area well. These members:

  1. Help to grow the fund and gather financial and other community resources to support the fund’s activities;
  2. Actively engage with fellow community members to understand how our community is doing and where help is needed; and
  3. Grant from the fund to local organizations, and assist initiatives that make the Yarmouth area a good place to live.

About our fund:

The Yarmouth Area Community Fund was created to improve our quality of life by supporting the social needs and broad interests of our area, including education, culture, the arts, health, heritage, sport, recreation, the environment, people in need, and other touchstones of our vibrant community.

To date, the Yarmouth Area Community Fund has administered 78 grants totaling $400,000.

How our approach is different:

As one of over 191 community foundations across Canada, and one of the first in Nova Scotia, the Yarmouth Area Community Fund is leading the way in helping our community to help itself. As a permanent endowment fund, only the income is used to support local causes. Your gift to the fund contributes to the vitality of the Yarmouth area both today and tomorrow. What better gift can you give to your community of family, friends, and neighbours?

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"I am so happy that this most deserving foundation has come to Yarmouth. I keep thinking about what a benefit this is, not just to our current community, but looking ahead years into the future and realizing what it will continue to do to support the well-being of the Yarmouth area." - Stephen Sollows, Yarmouth resident

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