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Ruby Fund

No decision about me, without me

Established: 2019

Ruby Fund Logo

The Ruby Fund was established with the goal of transforming the Canadian healthcare experience.  

Passionate about empowering and enabling the patient to be a stronger advocate for themselves, the Ruby Fund supports programs and research for::

  • education and training on patient engagement and the patient experience;
  • health literacy for patients so they can become self-managers in their own care;
  • better inter-professional education in the healthcare system;
  • education of healthcare students to better understand and positively influence the patient experience;
  • education of youth on health, caring for their health and how to navigate the healthcare system to encourage their confidence in advocating for their own health;
  • bringing together diverse groups to co-create innovative solutions to challenges within the healthcare systems;

If you would like to donate to this fund, donations of up to $500 can be made through CanadaHelps.

Donate Now

For donations over $500, please contact the CFNS office.


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