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Carolyn's Fund

In support of nature, literacy and heritage

Established: 2012

Carolyn's Fund

An outstanding zest for life marked these three special individuals, my parents, Edythe and Michael, and my husband, Peter. Bright, capable people of boundless good humour, robust attitudes, strong personal integrity, and a great love of and appreciation for life around them, I was blessed indeed to have had such people in my life.

All of them had a strong social spirit, the sense that there is always something you can and should do to contribute to those around you. I was delighted when I discovered the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia. It presents a way I, as an ordinary individual, can over time build up a fund to assist various community initiatives in the long term. In so doing, I am keeping faith with these much loved relatives and, in naming areas I would like my fund to support, it struck me how clearly they reflect the values of these three people – nature, literacy, and heritage.

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